Meet our newest volunteer

June 07, 2024
Jovie Noel

Jovie Noel began her calling as a cancer therapy dog at the very tender age of four weeks old.

As a small puppy, Jovie was removed from a bad situation where she was receiving minimal care. Chelly Bosworth received a call from her veterinarian’s office asking if she would be willing to foster a puppy in need. That very same month Jovie came into Chelly’s life, so did cancer.

Chelly’s husband was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and he began a series of surgeries and radiation therapy. Jovie was a great comfort to both Mark and Chelly, and two years later when Mark’s cancer returned and spread to his lymph nodes, Jovie was a constant and loving companion through more surgeries and chemotherapy.

Mark and Chelly began to call Jovie ‘The Cancer Dog’ because her life revolved solely around treatments. She was always happy, very gentle, and more than willing to snuggle day or night. After another year, Mark’s cancer not only returned but began to spread. Immunotherapy and more chemo were prescribed, but the best medicine of all was a sweet, fluffy puppy who wanted nothing more than to be loved and to give love.

After a courageous battle, Mark left this world four years after his original diagnosis and Jovie took her new role as grief support for Chelly very seriously. Jovie and Chelly regularly attend therapy sessions together and are inseparable. They wish to bring comfort to others fighting the good fight against cancer and that’s when they found Chemo Companions.

Through Chemo Companions, Jovie visits the MD Anderson Cancer Center where she comforts and brings smiles to those waiting in the lobby. Jovie delights in love, attention, and pets she receives from patients and their families. Her life is meant to give joy.

And you can tell she finds happiness in being there for others . . . just as she was for her Mark.

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Cancer Sucks

But love and laughter can make even the toughest days a little brighter.