Love, Compassion, Understanding, and Hope

Chemo Companions

Our Mission

Chemo Companions provides companionship through a network of trained volunteers who bring comfort, conversation, laughter and nurturing essentials to the chemo lounge. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of those undergoing cancer treatments by offering friendship and emotional support. The guiding forces behind Chemo Companions are love, compassion, understanding, and hope.

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Chemo Comfort Bags

After spending time in several chemo lounges, with the help of patient requests we curated, a bag full of thoughtful items to boost patient’s mood, provide support, and keep patients warm and cozy. Bags include a handknit hat, a blanket, lip balm, fuzzy socks, a handwritten inspirational card, tea bags, puzzle & coloring books…and other goodies meant to provide support like a friend who knows what you need before even asking. Some of these items are handmade by loving support groups or donated by companies who care.

Grateful for our Donors

We are thankful for those who have shown their support and contributed to our cause through donations.

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Meet Our Founder

Chemo Companions comes from the heart of its founder, Alyssa Dinowitz, and was born from her own family’s experiences with cancer. Alyssa’s mother, Marriann Gofonia, passed away in September 2009 after beating breast cancer four times. During her many rounds of chemotherapy treatments, the Gofonia girls (there are five, each as spunky and spirited as their mother) would all but turn the chemo lounge into a party hall with laughter, jokes, hugs, and love. Then, something interesting began to happen.

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News & Stories

Meet our newest volunteer

Jovie Noel began her calling as a cancer therapy dog at the very tender age of four weeks old. As a small puppy, Jovie was removed from a bad situation where she was receiving minimal care. Chelly Bosworth received a call from her veterinarian’s office asking if she would be willing to foster a puppy in need. That very same month Jovie came into Chelly’s life, so did cancer.

Creating Connections

When people diagnose with cancer receive chemotherapy, some show up to treatment accompanied by a friend or family member, while many go alone. Marriann Gofonia, on the other hand, typically arrived to receive her infusion with an entourage.


Alyssa and Chemo Companions has been an absolute life changer for so many of our patients. The amazing bags she provides not only brings joy but also comfort in times of distress. Chemo Companions has also provided so many patients with relief that are under financial strain with grocery cards, gas cards, help with utilities and even complete holidays to those that wouldn’t be able to get by without that assistance. Chemo companions is truly unmatched and cherished.


When Alyssa showed up during my husband’s chemotherapy session, it was like a bright ray of sunshine walking into the room. The kindness and compassion she showed us was so authentic and loving. Everything in the chemo bag was something helpful for patients along with this lovely blanket that warmed Jim’s body and his heart. Thank you, Chemo Companions, for continuing to spread hope and optimism in some of the most difficult times of a person’s life. You make a huge difference.


Chemo Companions is an amazing resource when you are going through an already stressful time in yours or a loved ones life.

Alyssa is a compassionate, patient and loving individual.


She and Chemo Companions have gone above and beyond for our patients. She visits while they receive treatment and helps ease their anxiety.



Cancer Sucks

But love and laughter can make even the toughest days a little brighter.